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Personal DEPT. Promises of the program. Two years ago my pals back in No Va DC remember when I stopped doing stairs and sold my house. It could have been different. I could be in a wheelchair or bedridden.  And I am not. HP, it may take me a long, long time, but you have given me a calling, a reason for living, a way to go on. I am surrounded by love. I am in competition with my own drive, wits and talent I was given. I share it with whom will ask. I will help those who still suffer, going to a hospital, an adult living center, hospice, Goodwill, UMW, the USO, the VA, doing what I am asked to do.  I will become a Music Therapist or an Assistant and share / teach others the power of music and help those with alzheimers and dementia and reach them with THEIR music, their memories! Oh, Music heals! MUSIC IS MEDICINE I am living proof. And, when I get a little crabby, I need to think of Jonah. He was eaten. By a whale. Hey, now I just need knees. One down. One to go. That’s all. Love, a broken down chanteuse, abbe b.
ps: volunteering is being an intern.