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Guest Blogger mr. Knee, who is my new right prothesus, is here to talk about an article he found about knee replacement and how he is faring as a bionic part of my middle-aged female anatomy:

A note from mr. knee: Recovery Time After Total Knee Replacement Surgery, and what you should expect if you are a replacement like me. Signed, mr. knee, and “Bone” “ image

I recently wrote the following to a dear Facebook friend of mine about my goals. Yes, goals. And yes, we FBers cross the vapor into the world of reality if that makes sense:

“1.Blogging. 2. Planning courses Music Therapy. 3. Ukulele! 4. Must stop soooo much FB to get to 1,2,3 although 1 correlates with blogging-sort of…think TIMELINE aha!”

Timeline…ah, the interwoven nature of 100 million + lives.

Yes, I admit, over the years I have had quite a few blogs. About politics ( About Public Relations ( About weight loss and impending surgery ( and one that was autobiographical: ( This blog talks about once you leave one life, due to trauma or an injury to your body, and with major surgery you are sidelined for months. So,what do you do next, what is your second act? And while you are healing, what can you work on when you need to take and then wean yourself off of opiates? It is easier to wean off, and I take less, due to my love of music, and how I use it for PT, and during my day.

Once this healing process is more underway and as I am able to do this, (my) goal which will keep me going is to work with those who also need a hand. In the meantime, during this gray period during my own healing (shade of gray!) I find that I have become quite the communicator. Why? Simple. It can be sheer inertia at times when I am alone in my blue old lady recliner for hours at a stretch that also accompanies this healing process. Oh, yes. And it can make someone with an agile mind who bores easily (the typical Gemini) absolutely kooky! So, what is the patient to do? She turns to Facebook and Twitter. Not for the approval of her 743 friends, many whom SHE has much on common with! But to self-entertain, create, communicate, and alieviate inertia and “stinking thinking” ( from setting in..

(Gee Whiz, isn’t that some of the attributes laid down when the social network was being formed?) Well, Viva la twitter! Viva la Facebook! They are helping me get better and better! More moderation, more ukulele, more balance, and ahhhhh….