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Which Diet Works? –

(B2: no sugar, no flour, no refined = low glycemic? Yup.)

#diet? no. way of life? yes.

I understand, as 40 lbs of mine is back… Did Mike have help losing it, ala WLS? Hmm….

Campaigning to Lose | Eating Well

#Huckabee when he lost 110 lbs


Up to last Summer, 2011.

All there.

What happens next?




The picture of me was taken by my husband. It is from March of this year. I like it. But gee, I truly believe I look like someone in a funhouse mirror. And I am not alone.

My life, like so many others, is a cautionary tale for yours if you will listen to me. Do NOT ruin your body by gaining gross excess weight, for as you age it will fail you!

Here is my story, before not knee surgery, but major back surgery:

from November, 2009:

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-Abbe Buck Hann