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I was not ready yet. Not quite. I was really healing. Yes, ma’am. Three months out from a complete knee replacement, right knee. Then the inevitable. My left knee blows out. It also needs total need replacement. I figured that I could wait a good six months but now it is doubtful. It will be sooner. Cortisone fixes have not helped. I have a support brace. The knee I had replaced with it’s prothesus is the dominant knee now.

I know a great of my body damage has been due to joint damage and osteoarthritis. I was and am also a big girl which did not help. The larger you are with OA, the harder it is to move. Now, with the advent of new knees, along with the major spinal fusion I had two years ago, I will be able to live a more productive, active life than I have in the last few years. I have so many goals and objectives I just can’t wait…

the 90 days to get the next knee!

– Abbe B.



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