Abbe Buck's Blog (pre-book)

You can’t cry…

Posted on: August 19, 2012


An old axiom was “Don’t cry over spilled milk”, because it came from a cow directly so, and if the pail flipped over your ration for the day was gone. Later, the saying turned into one of do not lament over your (past) losses. How true! What can one do but wipe up the spill and move on? The cow will still be there. There are other cows. You can be happy getting or be happy with what you got. I need to try to choose the latter today, and every day. Why? I need to get better and better with a talent that is inside of me, that is inside all of us. If we cry over what might have been, instead of rejoicing in what may be, we may just miss…something. Abbe B. #

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