Abbe Buck's Blog (pre-book)

The Granada Theater, Chicagoland

Posted on: July 17, 2012


This is a fabulous memory for me. Thirty years after this picture was taken on Sheridan Road in Chicago (thanks, Mark Reiner), I was taken to my first movie with my brother Bennett by our Gramma,Rose Kohn. It was Godzilla VS King Kong. I forgot who won. I remember we threw popcorn at King Kong. Gramma scolded us in yiddish. I was impulsive, with a pixie and big green eyes and a taste for trouble: when Gramma took us to see Jason and the Argonauts, back in 1963, I walked up to the movie screen and climbed up the stairs onto the stage. I wanted to “meet” Jason. No fear! Aha!



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