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Posted on: July 15, 2012


Yes, Life happens. But….

Even if you go to a little open mic in a small beer hall in the middle of a small college town, go. Sing your song. Get out of the shower. It does not have to be perfect. If you paint, donate your art to a shelter. If you love animals, play and help them at the ASPCA. We can do this. So, we won’t be stars unless our egos lead us to sell out the seedy, sordid side of our lives and do a “””””hoarder-who is super morbid obese and drinks mai tai cocktails and spends 22 hrs. a day on facebook”‘””” kind of show! Horrors! Sheesh! Who dat? Just get up, get out and do this. Do not put it on hold until your body breaks and you need to do it to rescue your own life. (But boy, am I glad I did that! (Not too late, eh? Nope.)



07/16/2012: Shortly after I posted this, I read the following by the talented, unique Megan Jean of Megan Jean and the KFB. It is Right as Rain.

“Whatever it is you’ve always wanted to do, be it to dance, or sing, or be in a band, take photographs, weld, paint, open a restaurant….you can do it. Start small, build a community. Work HARD and set goals. Keep your intentions pure, and not swayed by the idea of success. Do not compare yourself to others, you will always feel slighted. It will not be easy. It will not happen overnight. There wi…ll be no shortcuts, but the long road has the most amazing roses and rest stops. I promise you, fear of failure can’t hold a candle to regret. I can’t wait to see how this whole adventure will pan out for us, but I know that The destination is none of my concern, its the road that gets you there. Become excited by the unknown, on whatever scale you feel you can handle. Start to see Success as happiness, not bits of green paper. Go out and BE ALIVE, follow your passions, and make your life free from work, replacing it instead with labors of love. I am so grateful for this life.”

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