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Andy Williams

Posted on: July 15, 2012


It is not a happy day in my house
today. I read this story and was devastated:

When I was coached back in the early 1980s, my voice teacher had me listen to two tenors over and over and over again: Placido Domingo and Andy Williams. Placido was glorious but not to me. It was Andy, whom I thought was the world’s greatest natural tenor. But thirty- odd years ago, if I played Moon River just one more time…!

And funny, I sang it last night, very impromptu, just after having my knee operated on. And there it was, my voice! Happily, there was Andy’s influence. You see, my coach William Deal said to listen to the male voice and the timbre and power, not so much the female voice. And Bill was so right! I listened and listened more and sang the songs of Andy Williams and he became a vocal role model for me during intensive training. I may never get to Branson or Beverly Hills to shake my hero’s hand, but this meeting will cosmically remain on my “Bucket List”. Why? You see, everytime I sing a standard, I keep the music of Andy Williams alive for a generation. I am a standard-bearer of his music. This wonderful, timeless music! And who knows? I may play Branson and the Moon River Theater someday!

Andy, I will miss you, very, much.

Thank you, kind sir.

Love, Abbe B.

Andy Williams Leaves Hospital As Cancer Battle Worsens


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