Abbe Buck's Blog (pre-book)

Why I closed

Posted on: July 13, 2012

I had a boutique firm that I ran for quite a while. Ten years. It was not without it’s challenges. I learned, in a hard fashion, that you need to be who you are, even if you believe you are doing the right thing because you are supposed to do it. When I closed my company two years ago, by then I just had to. I stopped…walking….driving…. I still have a site up but will take it down. I live for promotion at times, but it is not me. I have something else inside far more simple deep down inside that makes me giddy as a child. I suspend the ego. I have a need to create for me. No more need for the power suits, the endless competitiveness, the Jaquar X, the big house. I am happier, so much happier. The stress of K Street took a toll, I reckon.

HighViz, a project company



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