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The New Attitude

Posted on: July 11, 2012

“My dear, it is best that you have a sunny disposition” , is what the older ladies would say over their bitter coffee cups in a less urgent but much harsher world eighty years ago, when my mother was born. And it is true. Our attitude does control our way of living. It is important that every four, eight, twelve, sixteen, twenty-four hours, we try to hold on to the best attitude, a more optimistic outlook. How we act, and react, to everyday events, is the key to living.

This is not easy at all. No! Especially if you may be one predisposed to being impetuous and reactive and impatient with getting on with living. And if you are a person that questions why things are the way they are it can be frustrating. Our communication is nanoseconds compared to seventy five+ years ago. That is enough to test anyone’s patience! It is a gimme gimme gimme now society and we are conditioned to this reality. It has made us less bootstrap, more gimme!

I do not believe in a gimme-gimme world any longer. I have been busy learning that if one accepts life on life’s terms, good and bad, with a sunny disposition, and if one learns how to harness the impetuousness and overblown ego replacing it with a healthy balance of self-discipline, the important things we would like to achieve will be within reach, no matter the circumstances we may encounter.

Chin up!




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