Abbe Buck's Blog (pre-book)

Do not overpromise and undeliver! (Cryptically spoken)

Posted on: June 26, 2012

I would like a particular person to walk in my shoes for a day. Spinal fusion. Knee replacement. Another knee on the way. I forget days running into eachother. I sleep maybe three hours. I cannot sit in an upright chair yet. I only have FB and PT and books right now, everything else is on hold. I can’t walk yet, not far, drive, nope, and down for the count by 6 PM. So if anyone has a problem with me, I owe an apologia for promising and underdelivering. That is not good. I used to be driven by deadlines and now I forget. But the feeling of inertia and frustration that comes while convalescing can be frustrating. I will walk. I do not need another’s approval but will respect their feelings as best I can. I am wrong to believe I can do more than I can, except to heal first. Baby steps. I must think before I commit, of what I can give when I can. And when I can, I will deliver again.


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