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What happened? A very strong decision about therapy…

Posted on: June 3, 2012

Hmmmm, this has been since I had my back surgery in August, 2010,eh?

So, between the back surgery for scoliosis, stenosis, spondolosis, osteoarthritis, the two rods, twelve screws, three sponge discs, the staph infection, my almost biting the dust, the pic line, CLIPTOMYACIN, (SEE, I finally get a knee replacement two weeks ago, last May 21, 2013. Yes, Full knee replacement. The right knee. And it turned out great! And it hurts like a rabid SOB! But, like the back, and the next (left) knee, is an Act of God through wonderfully skilled surgeons and I will be able to finally walk with normalcy again after so very long. A wheelchair cum Hoverbound (sic) is not an option!

A great deal has happened in between the surgeries. I discoverrd the healing power of music for myself and then giving it back to others whom are also experiencing pain. The music we love to listen to lifts us out of our pain for a good while. It truly works and has now cited in several sources had scientifically been proven. After healing from staph infection on November, 2010, I looked even further onto the healing power of music, which I discovered singing in my hospital bed to the Arts Channel to show tunes. It was harking me back to those original broadway show cast albums my parents collected when I was a child. How neat! To sing “Annie Get Your Gun” was such a kick!  It seems kinda funny, I so loved music. I was a professional vocalist several years before and what do you know? My voice was back as if it never left and I sang even more. I was feeling pain but it was numbing a bit.

A few months later, incorporating “my music” into my own physical therapy program, I took an interest on Rep. Gabrielle Giffords (D-AZ) being shot in the head by the mentally ill gunman in January, 2011. What amazed me was Sanjay Gupta’s report on CNN about Ms. Giffords. He reported that the use of Music Therapy was being incorporated in her speech and physical therapy. I was amazed, her progress was remarkable! Ms. Giffords, shot in the brain, made incredible strides. This motivated me that in order to do the greater good, and to reach people through music and communication, I had to have an ultimate goal of recovery. I needed to have a reckoning with my own disabilities (I did not want to be saddled in a wheelchair but half of my lower body was being rebuilt); and to complete my goals for giving back, where I could use my talent to help others, I would become a Music Therapist.

Becoming a Music Therapist would not be easy. There is strict criteria requiring a degree or equivalent credits in Music and Psychology,and special certification to follow at an acredited institution such as Shenandoah Conservatory in Winchester, VA. These accreditations are affiliated with the American Music Therapy Association, which I am a member.

Music Therapy does so much for so many! It is used by hospice to comfort the bereaved and those in their last hours. It is utilized for the young person with autism and ADD. It is used to reach someone through their active brain, and bring them back, as with Rep. Giffords. Music Therapy is put to use by the physician and hospital /instititional staff to ease the physical and emotional pain of a surgical or cancer patient. Plus,it is a godsend to the dementia and alzheimers patient: when they hear their songs from a bygone era, the getiatric patient is transformed, and is flooded with memory. They suddenly, unexpextedly, come back to life!

And they will be my patients.


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